Basic home security systems are comprised of three different components:

Sensors: these detect if a door or window is opened, if glass is broken or if there is movement in a particular room. When a sensor is triggered a signal is sent to the alarm’s control panel.

Control Panel: this centrally located device manages all the signals coming in from the sensors, and allows you to arm or disarm the alarm system. The control panel also notifies the monitoring service when a sensor is activated while the system is armed.

Monitoring Service: the monitoring service operates and is staffed 24/7, and looks after the signals sent by the alarm’s control panel. When they receive notification of an alarm they try to contact you and verify that the event was indeed valid and not an accident. They then dispatch the appropriate authorities if needed.

Global Security has several key differences from traditional alarm companies:

Connection – Global Security offers Security systems that do not use wires or phone lines, so installation is simple and virtually impossible to defeat, as there are no wires to cut. All communication from the sensors to the control panel is made through a wireless connection using a former military frequency. Communications from the control panel to our monitoring station use a cellular signal. Global Security’s security system is virtually impossible to defeat, ensuring that your family is safe.

Price – Global Security offers several packages of monitoring service. You choose the type of plan you would like, and the charge is the same no matter how many sensors your home requires. There are no hidden fees.

nteractive – With Interactive Monitoring, Global Security’s system is completely interactive, meaning you can do things with your home security system that you never thought possible. View video feeds from your smartphone, get a text message when your power goes out or receive notification that your kids have arrived safely home from school. Only Global Security offers this level of interactive home monitoring service.

To learn more about how we differ from traditional alarm companies, email us or call us at 800-446-2400

While having a noisy alarm system in place may make you feel safer, the fact is that most burglars know that once they gain entry, they only have to disable the control panel and then they can proceed with ransacking the home. Noisy alarms alone will not increase safety; you need a security system that ensures authorities are called, even if the control panel is destroyed.

Global Security understands that having your personal security compromised can be terrifying for you and your family members. For this reason we make a commitment to you to have a Security Consultant visit you within 24 hours of your incident to assess your security needs and schedule your installation right away.


Since Global Security home alarm systems don’t use wires or phone lines, they are simple to install and even easier to remove and take with you, making Global Security a great security solution for renters who want to protect their property.

We are licensed in Washington and Oregon. We have a Network of GE Security PRO dealer’s that we work with across the United States so we are able to support you as our customer everywhere!

Global Security offers an excellent security monitoring solution for your small business.

Our interactive level monitoring can let you know what time employees arrive and depart, and give you visibility into traffic to your business through text/email alerts and video feeds to your computer or smartphone.

Global Security’s wireless security system is easy to take with you when you move. Simply remove the sensors from doors and windows, unplug the command module and you are set to go. Once you have arrived at your new residence you can re-install the sensors and plug in the control panel. Give us a call to re-activate the system and your new home is protected.

Since 90% of break-ins occur through the front or back door it is important to ensure that all accessible doors have sensors. Ground floor windows may be protected by individual sensors, motion sensors, or glass break sensors depending on specific layout and how the system will be used.

We offer several equipment packages that you can review to see what we recommend, and you can add any other devices you feel your home needs. Additionally, if you decide down the road that you need more sensors or components you can order and install them with no change to your monthly monitoring fee.

We also invite you to call one of our helpful and knowledgeable Security Consultants for a comprehensive analysis of your protection needs, with zero sales pressure.

Yes, we offer smoke and fire detectors for your home. If these sensors are activated at any time, the monitoring center will attempt to verify an emergency before the fire department is dispatched to your home. There is no extra charge for monitoring of these devices, and if you subscribe to our Interactive Monitoring service you can also be notified immediately by text or email message that these sensors have been activated.

Global Security has flood sensors as well as freeze sensors so that you can be assured that your home is safe when you are away. With our interactive monitoring package, should a sensor become triggered you will automatically be notified. There is no extra charge for this service.

Yes. We offer convenient key-chain alarm remotes that allow you to arm or disarm the home security alarm. Order one for each family member to ensure that they can enter or leave your home easily. Note that when the alarm is deactivated by remote, this disables the Pending Alarm feature.

Our home security system is quite flexible, and allows you to add new equipment at any time. There is a charge for the equipment and shipping (for equipment purchased after service is established), but it won’t change your monthly monitoring fee.

Global Security offers an affordable solution for those who want to view video feeds of their home from their smartphone. In fact, we only charge for the video camera itself, all the monitoring apps are completely free and your monthly monitoring fee remains the same. Video monitoring is only available with our Interactive level of monitoring.

Global Security uses GE alarm system components because they are the highest quality and most reliable security system components available.

Global Security’s sensors communicate within your home using an exclusive former military frequency. This gives you an entirely wireless home security system which can move with you, as well as increasing your safety. Communication between the control panel and the monitoring station is through a cellular signal. You do not require a home wireless network for our home security system to work, but you do need a broadband connection to utilize our video services.

We use several cellular networks to maximize coverage, and will confirm that there is sufficient signal strength in your area before completing your order.