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Everyone has a mother, father, grandmother, aunt, uncle or friend who could use a Medical Pendant!

In an emergency, 24-hour monitoring centers yield a faster response than simply calling 911 on your own. Global's U.L.-certified monitoring facility and highly-trained 24/7 personnel allow us to respond to all manner of emergencies in an average of one minute or less. That means 24/7 peace of mind for our customers - and is especially important for households with children or elderly family members.

We use only the highest quality products and services backed by an excellent monitoring service and a friendly staff of experts.

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Medical Alert Button

Handy keyfob transmitters let you arm or disarm your system without using the keypad. Also serving as a panic button, the keyfob increases the range of your emergency protection to the driveway or backyard - anywhere within reach of your wireless security system.

  • Talk directly into the Button – no need to “yell”
  • Listen directly to the Button – easy to hear voice
  • Ask family or friends for help – we call them for you
  • Emergency help 24 hours-a-day – when you need it
  • Works anywhere in your home – or yard


Keyfob Transmitter

Personal emergency response system pendants can be worn around the neck or wrist and allow you to trigger the response system from anywhere in or around your home. That means help is always within reach for our elderly customers and those with any kind of medical need or decreased mobility.



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